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Desc:Here comes The McCain Girls agian.
Category:Horror, News & Politics
Tags:girls, mccain, what arizona sounds like
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"...running AGAIN for the presidency...."
Syd Midnight
I haven't look ed at the prior ones, so.. is this serious or a piss take? I honestly can't tell.. is this an elaborate mean troll, or embarrassing reality?

My instinct is that it is a sincere troll, and for that they get 4 stars for bringing it.

Doesn't "Arizona" really sound like "Sheriff Joe Arpacio", ie: put undesirables in a camp until they die? Thats how the rest of the world knows ya, be good to know there's a sexy MILF underground.
Arizona really is a horrible, horrible place.

About as evil as you can get. So much cringe, so little time.
I seriously don't know if these are serious or a joke of some kind. Does anyone really know? 5 stars because either way the result is hilarious
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That's about right.
"Talk to me like McCain does." This means that all three of these women LOVE it when you call them a cunt.
"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by The MCPS - PRS Alliance Ltd."

uh oh!
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