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Desc:New movie based on the classic, very odd manga Black & White, with music by Plaid.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Trailers
Tags:Anime, Black & White, manga, plaid, tekkon kinkreet
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Cinnamon Imperialist
It seems the quality of an anime is inversely proportional to the size of the character's eyes.

Also, there's apparently a huge argument in the anime community about whether this counts as anime since it was directed by a gaijin, which is hilarious
I suspected there might be... it's an adaptation of a Japanese comic, by a Japanese author, made almost entirely by Japanese animators, writers, and actors, but OMG WHITEY!

That gaijin is a friend of mine, so I'm biased but I believe if people didn't know, they wouldn't suspect... It's a great movie, not just a great anime... but like I said, I'm biased. (Hi Michael!)

Mr. Quibble
It's really awesome for two acts, then meanders off into some pseudo-philosophical mumbo-jumbo sidetrack for the last act. Of course it's anime.

The DVD has been out since last year, go buy it now. It quickly jumped into my top 3 anime films of all time.
I'm definitely picking it up as soon as I can. Not so much "new" as "relatively recently out on home video where people actually stand a chance at seeing it, as opposed to the usual three-theaters-in-the-continental-US approach major studios take when releasing even vaguely artsy foreign movies."

A friend of mine just go t a book featuring the environments from the movie,its really amazing stuff.
The backdrops really are absolutly stunning. There is no valid reason to dislike this film.

It kinda falls to pieces in the final act.

It's still pretty good though.

Thatcher Pennywhistle
KJS, please: What is the name of the book?

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