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Desc:Reporter gets fliped turned upside down.
Category:News & Politics, Educational
Tags:derrick, black people, obama, Q&A
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Comment count is 34
baleen - 2008-04-12

well this makes me feel better about life.
was he attempting for him to go "oh lawdy lawdy lawdy I doooos hope we gets a blake mang indoo duh white hooose!" because he sort of wilted at the guys eloquence towards the end...
SARS - 2008-04-12
"my dad is a pediatrician"

"oh... damn."

bac - 2008-04-13

DerangedGoblin - 2008-04-12
Color me impressed!
baleen - 2008-04-13

ok that made me laugh and also you are going to hell.

themilkshark - 2008-04-12
I like to know we have a couple smart people running around this retarded country.
dr_rock - 2008-04-12
5 stars for Derrick, showing the world that Philly isn't 100% retarded.
dr_rock - 2008-04-12
Ok, not from Philly, and apparently he's rather accomplished.


and he was in Amistad: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118607/

happy_ending - 2008-04-12
So, this reporter is from the "pundit let's interrupt the subject's every other word" school. That's irritating.
Enjoy - 2008-04-12
Excellent retort to this "reporter."

Valkor - 2008-04-12
This is brilliant. Absolutely staged but in such a way as to satire public perception while still carrying the necessary message. I like layered entertainment.
Aelric - 2008-04-12
i call fake alot, but i think this one is real simply because i've seen this conversation happen many times lately, minus the camera.

Unsung - 2008-04-12
"How will they socialize it?"

GASP! He used the dreaded "S" word!!
waxeater - 2008-04-12
This interviewer needs a serious punching. -2 for not punching him.
Blackbetta - 2008-04-12
Plus two stars for not punching the arrogant old-assed reporter. The last thing we need is neocons reposting this with, "Angry negro for Obama throws punches."

afp3683 - 2008-05-06
that would generate more votes among the "angry young black man" crowd.

grimcity - 2008-04-12
Damn, that young man was on point. I'd love to see him make Hannity explode... I like to think I'm good on my feet in debates like that, but that guy can roll with it. Super good flick.
Camonk - 2008-04-12
Health insurance, alas, is where I break with the big O. Let's get some socialization in this bitch.
Aoi - 2008-04-13
First you get the Universal.
Then you get the Socialized.
Then you get the OBGYNs practicing their love with women.

heyitslozeau - 2008-10-15
no! socialized medicine means....uh socialism which is the same as communism....which is the same as the soviet union....so well all be waiting in line for potatoes soon.

Hooper_X - 2008-04-12
What an articulate young man.

(seriously? i'd almost accuse that of being a work - the interviewer asks the exact questions that your average arrogant talk-radio pundit does, and our hero shoots them down in a reasoned and classy manner. i desperately want this to be real, but the interviewer isn't enough of an indignant prick at the end.)
bac - 2008-04-13
damn it's so perfect. which makes me think its fake.

what makes me think it's real though is when the reporter is asking a question derrick (and even it is fake he's fire) is looking
off in the distance and you can see he's formulating a response as opposed to just being ready with one.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-04-13
This was uplifting.
gorch - 2008-04-14
Grace under pressure. That was beautiful.
ChocFullOfFunk - 2008-04-19
http://www.economist.com/world/na/displaystory.cfm?story_id=106970 65
Caminante Nocturno - 2008-05-11
I'm not really sure how to react to an interview like this. Hell, even the reporter stopped trying to be a reporter towards the end.
DopeFiend - 2008-06-08
So fake. I like what he has to say, though.
IrishWhiskey - 2009-01-24
I don't know. Its almost too good to be true, but there's nothing implausible in the video, and the Economist seems to think its valid.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-06-12
Fake, real, photoshopped, I couldn't give two tugs of a dead dog's cock. THIS IS WHAT REPORTERS REALLY THINK.
Alektorophobic - 2008-06-27
I personally think it's real, and it makes my heart ache a bit. This guy has clearly found a candidate who inspires him, and he cares enough to actually know and understand all these questions being thrown at him and has the answers for them. I wish I wasn't so disillusioned with politics in general that I could be not just "pro-Obama", but care enough to learn everything that he's about, and what it means for me and the country.
Umaro - 2008-11-05
lordpotato - 2008-11-29
This guy makes me ashamed I'm not this politically savvy and still voting.
joelkazoo - 2009-02-03
Hell Yeah!
ogmisce - 2010-04-15
five stars for teaching me more about obama in five minutes than i knew when i voted for him, also for doing what the description says
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