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Desc:Mr. Hands gets not just 15 minutes of fame, but an entire 80 minutes and a docudrama.
Category:Pets & Animals, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:zoo, Horse, documentary, wtf, Mr. Hands
Submitted:Babies Ate My Dingo
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Comment count is 3
Jeff Fries - 2008-04-15
From the Wiki:

"The complete antithesis of what you expect ... To begin with, 'Zoo' is neither graphic nor exploitive. Most of it takes the form of recreations, but from the point of view of the men 'who met for years without disturbance in the shadows of Mt. Rainier,' as (director Robinson) Devor puts it."

"I aestheticized the sleaze right out of it." - Devor

"This was a guy who was a conservative man at one point, and those ideas started breaking down for him. I think that 9/11 triggered a lot of it. But he was [also] in the center of one of the most secretive military complexes. Meanwhile, he listened to a lot of left-wing radio, he questioned everything our government was involved in, and he was ethically conflicted about his job and the money he was making. That's the core fascination for me." - Devor, describing his interest in the film's subject.

I've never been happier to give something 5 stars. This movie really really exists for real, this is not a satire of the anti-Bush doc scene.
paranex - 2008-04-16
I couldn't stand this movie because the pacing is so monotonous. Excellent cinematography though.

xVisagex - 2008-04-16
The movie manages to make an awful lot out of almost nothing. I've yet to figure out if that's good or bad.
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