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Desc:The late Buddy Hackett performs a bizarre tune from the Meredith Wilson musical
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:60s, shipoopi, 1963, The Music Man, Buddy Hackett
Submitted:Busby Berkeley
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Comment count is 9

I predict that shipoopi will become an internet viral term originating on poetv and nobody outside of our elite community will know why.
Syd Midnight
Too late. Thanks to Family Guy, people have already made Naruto versions of this.

This was peters touchdown celebration in a family guy episode.

But seriously, how does something like this happan ? Shipoopi ?
Everyone who works or has worked or will work for Family Guy is a huge fucking drama club geek.

Five stars alone for the fact that this was submitted by Busby Berkeley.

she\he was the only person that enjoyed my dancy submissions. hi!

I remember seeing this movie when I was a kid and I can't help looking at this now with the same kind of no-context, uncomprehending bemusement that I had about it then. I can't really imagine what contemporary grown-ups would have thought about this.
Syd Midnight
I see it and think "We have really lost a lot in the century between music-hall-proven-moxie and fuckin' Hollywood CGI dogshit.

This is more talent than you can shake a stick at. Its embarrassing bizarreness only accentuates it.

Meredith Wilson spent something like 30 years writing this.

Not much for musicals or anything but every song in this makes me smile. I used to have the "he doesn't know the territory!" part on on the train at the beginning memorized.

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