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Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Trapped, elevator
Submitted:Frank Rizzo
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Comment count is 18
Personally horrified that there is no roof hatch, despite everything I've been taught by movies. See if I ever use one of these things again.
Good music choice, and it was nice the lights didn't go out in his car.

Roof hatch is for rescuers to get in, not for people to get out.

Syd Midnight
The music really makes it.

Jeff Fries
"Within hours, he had smoked all his remaining cigarettes."
j lzrd / swift idiot
"It was an express elevator [from the lobby], with no stops below the thirty-ninth floor, and the building was deserted."

"At a certain point, he decided to open the doors. He pried them apart and held them open with his foot. He was presented with a cinder-block wall on which, perfectly centered, were scrawled three g13s-one in chalk, one in red paint, one in black."

So first, even if he had been able to pop out the roof hatch, the only good it would have done him is give him a new view to look at, unless he's Peter Parker, or can free-climb 26 floors up a cinderblock wall express elevator shaft without any proper equipment.

Second, I'm a pretty rational guy who doesn't have much of a use for superstition, but if I pried open the elevator doors and the first thing I saw was an official black stencil "13" next to a chalk "13" next to a scrawled "13" in what LOOKS like red paint, I'd eventually conclude that my elevator had accidentally intersected the Silent Hill dimension, then play with all the buttons to try and figure out the number puzzle.


I can't believe he didn't win that lawsuit, and that such a seemingly simple thing so easily destroyed a man's life.

Jeff Fries
Well he had just killed his boss and was going to run off with his wife, so I can't say I feel sorry for him.

Sean Robinson
Here's the article describing what happened and Nicholas White's subsequent fate:

http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2008/04/21/080421fa_fact_pa umgarten?currentPage=all

Syd Midnight
Holy shit. That New Yorker article is grade A stuff. You need to submit that to P_N. Not exactly breaking news, but an excellent New Yorker piece.

"When filmmakers want to shoot an elevator scene, they will spin the elevator around, like a lazy Susan, so that the character can disembark into a different set. This trick captures something about an elevator ridethe way that it can feel like teleportation. You go in here and come out there, and you hardly consider that you have just raced up or down a vertiginous, pitch-black shaft. When youre waiting for a ride, you dont think that what lurks behind the outer doors is emptiness. Every so often, a door opens when it shouldnt and someone steps into the void. This is worth keeping in mind."

That was amazing...
This situation is one of many reasons I avoid using elevators on Fridays and off hours.

Elevator LJ:

At one of the companies I worked for, one of our IT guys got trapped in the elevator on a Friday afternoon. Most people left our office building early on Fridays but luckily for him his IT cohorts discovered he was trapped in the elevator before they too left. They were able to pry the door open enough to be able to hand him a Gameboy Advance to keep him entertained while waiting for an elevator repair company to show. All in all I think he was in there for six hours and didn't get free until around 8 pm.
The longest time I've heard of someone being trapped is six hours. This happened to a woman who came into work in the early morning and was trapped in a highrise elevator, similar to the guy in the video. Most common reason for this sort of thing to happen is a blown fuse due to a drop in voltage.

I was creeped out until hour 13, when I suddenly thought of The Sims and couldn't stop laughing.
Funnest thing to do in that game is trapping guests in a swimming pool.

This is officially the most terrifying thing I've seen on POETV.
Honestly, 41 hours isn't that bad. I've spent much longer times trapped in my bedroom which was not much larger than this. I also had zero stimulation and very little food or water.
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