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Desc:Bonus anime Tweety Bird.
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Loonatics, Sylvester, Daffy
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Comment count is 28
Ow Switch
Wait, I taut Looney Tunes charactuhs nevuh had puhmanent injuhries.
Kudos do that voice actor for working out how to adapt Daffy Ducks' voice into that of a generic hero guy, though.

Caminante Nocturno
Yes, thank you for explaining Daffy's plan. The kids capable of liking your show would not have been smart enough to get it.
Tweety thinks he's playing mind games, but he really just hates that bird.

Is Tweety a girl?

"I lost parts of me i never even got to use."
the characters on this show are their descendents!

Sounds like this duck's not going to be having any descendants.

Caminante Nocturno

Rodents of Unusual Size
I just checked wikipedia. It's the premise of the show.

joffe b
there's so much evil in the world
I dunno, I think it works.

Can I get some more heroin?
Damn it Tweety, this is neither the time nor the place for you to dress up as Megaman.
So this isn't a TV Funhouse parody of bad marketing ideas?
If it were, it'd be at least somewhat amusing.

Rodents of Unusual Size
My eyes are trying to incinerate the memory of this. How it burns.
wtf japan
Can we infer there is a God if we have proof there is a Satan?
What are you, ten? NO.

There is only Satan, and no one to save you from his latest fart-humping masterpiece.

Why does Sylvester look like the DCAU version of Lobo?
I got more of a "Judge Dredd: The Animated Series" vibe from him, personally.

(5'ed for OH CHRIST)

Two heavily scarred veterans comparing their fresh, gaping, untreated war wounds, some caused by friendly fire, in a dimly lit military prison. Deep in the blackness of space.

Meanwhile, Disney was making Ratatouille.
Yeah, good job no-one's lame enough to write a similarly verbose and pretentious description of that.

Harold Manchester
Right you are Harveyjames! Oh by the way you wrote this:

"I love this kind of thing, BUT, part of me thinks this:

On the one hand it's great that 14-year-olds have created this unique and truly postmodern DIY culture. I genuinely think things like this and Youtube Poop represent an exciting movement in culture, one that doesn't even know it's a movement (so, the best kind).

On the other hand, they're reappropriating these corporate mascots without truly subverting their meaning or value, so stuff like this, and all the other Youtube Poop is still functional as a piece of advertising for the brands the characters represent. It's counter-culture that isn't counter-cultural.

In fact, since we're putting these iconic characters into scenarios based on our own values, tastes and sense of humour, the internet's mimetic adoption of Ran Ran Ru, Mario, Robotnik et al is actually more effective at strengthening our relationship with their respective brands than an actual advert would be. It's like my demographic is making its own advertising specifically targeted to itself, without knowing it.

I wonder if McDonalds and Nintendo are pleased about this sort of thing. They probably are!"

King of Balls
Event Horizon reference 0:56?
This show had some problems.
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