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Desc:Something about a Brontosaurus and squinty eyes. I'm not sure what the point even was.
Category:Religious, Stunts
Tags:racism, stereotypes, dinosaurs, Creationist, TRUTH Group
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Comment count is 40
asian hick - 2008-04-16
what the hell just happened
Aubrey McFate - 2008-04-16
Now here's Al Jolson with some info about velociraptors
robotkarateman - 2008-08-06
I wasn't feeling any love for this video until that comment.

Chalkdust - 2008-04-16
No, judging by that music, it's the pornosaurus.
SARS - 2008-04-16
They're right! Science IS a joke.
This whole thing seemed very reasonable, and not the least bit insulting on any level. The credible voice of truth.
kelpfoot - 2008-04-16
LOL racism.
DrVital - 2008-04-16
Am I wrong, or was this shot at the Creation Museum?

andru strange - 2008-04-16
it was.

halon - 2008-04-16
alternately, loloji.
Samisyosam - 2008-04-16
I just heard the sound of creationism's last scrap of credibility imploding.
Billy Buttsex - 2008-04-16
Have you heard of a guy named Behe?

minimalist - 2008-04-16
Yes, I have. I hear he does a *dynamite* Red Indian: "UGH, ME TRADE'UM CREDIBILITY FOR MUCH WAMPUM"

He also does a great Japanese sarariman ("HAI HAI ME BUY YOU HOUSE"), African cannibal, drunken Irishman, drunken Russian, drunken Italian, drunken Eskimo and drunken Sentinelese.

About the only thing he _doesn't_ do is research.

minimalist - 2008-04-16
oh man, that should have been "HEAP BIG WAMPUM". I fail at the racism.

Aubrey McFate - 2008-04-16
Yep. He's the guy that embarrassed the hell out of himself at the Dover trial.

Hooker - 2008-04-16
Ii don't understand what the point of the racism is. Also, most of the jokes. But the racism just seems abjectly pointless.
Xenocide - 2008-04-16
The point of it is that racism is HILARIOUS! This kind of joke went over great on 1930's radio so obviously people will love it today!

minimalist - 2008-04-16
Even their 1930's humor is more advanced than their 1390's science.

El Zapatista - 2008-04-16
I liked that phonics bit they stole from The Electric Company there in the beginning.
citrusmirakel - 2008-04-16
So, it's subterfuge? Produce videos that follow along the religious right's talking point, then make them so unbelievably awful that it shakes these people by the scruff of the neck and forces them to think for themselves? Is that what they're going for?
Hugo Gorilla - 2008-04-16
That is one orange Arab. Or Hindu. Or whatever unsaved heathen they're taking a jab at with that fez.
GoneGirl - 2008-04-16
Holy sweet fuck.

What is WRONG with science, correcting itself like that?
bac - 2008-07-24
Science is always right and is never wrong, and doesn't allow itself to be wrong...Duh.

GlennFinito - 2008-04-16
The bad puns, the horrible fake accents and the good olde fashioned racial stereotypes merits a 5 star rating..
takewithfood - 2008-04-16
Is it just me, or does Dr. Shama Lama have an Irish accent?

glasseye - 2008-04-16
Oh man, so much evil.
dead_cat - 2008-04-18
They even put these videos on the Q&A page of their Ministry Website. The website that my poor little brain wants very much to believe is aimed at young children.


DK1987 - 2008-04-16
Rudy - 2008-04-16
The first 13 seconds would make a good "short and sweet" submission.
asian hick - 2008-04-16
this has to be a troll. there's no other explanation for it being so awful and offensive on so many levels.
Scynne - 2008-04-16
Dr. Dhing Dhong.
These people are odd.
Camonk - 2008-04-16
That didn't seem to have much to do with Creationism, though. It was pretty astonishingly, ineptly, racist, though.
wtf japan - 2008-04-17
5 simply for reminding me of "7 Faces of Dr. Lao."
phalsebob - 2008-06-16
Shama lama ding dong - o - saurus ???

Next, why the Uncletomosaur runs so fast...
Pie Boy - 2008-07-17
Indians are such dicks.
j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-08-05
Ooooo-WEE that was some high-octane rascism.
Goethe and ernie - 2008-11-18
The implicit message is "if you believe in dinosaurs you are stupid as a Chinaman". Its target demographic will, presumably, hold very strong views on the average intellect of the Chinese.
Ouroboros - 2008-12-02
I've never wished this place had bulbs before now.

Spastic Avenger - 2009-05-05
Caminante Nocturno - 2009-06-10
Are you fucking kidding me?
kwash - 2009-10-11
Jesus christ. Nobody on the set noticed how fucking wrong this is?
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