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Desc:Annoyingly narrated, but pretty spot-on in its satire.
Category:Religious, Humor
Tags:intelligent design, creationism, muslims, christians, ben stein
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Menudo con queso
I still have the book those slides come from! "Science Made Stupid"! Man, I loved that book.
You can read about half of the out-of-print book online here:

It's great, the video's crap.

Beaten to the punch. 2 links, yay!

I used to have that book. Was borrowed but unfortunately never returned. When are they coming out with a reprint? I saw it's worth something like used.


Good job.
Hugo Gorilla
This was all right. The drawings of the sexy cavewomen and the saber toothed duck was good for a laugh.
POE's law.
wtf japan
Needs a "Tom Weller" tag. Weller gets 5. The obnoxious narration is a poor substitute for Weller's original satire, however. Therefore: 2.

What a ripoff.

andru strange
i'd never actually considered worshiping nothingness but it sounds pretty cool. do you think ben stein's actually into this shit or just low on cash?
He wrote speeches for Nixon and has been an anti-abortion lobbyist for some time now

So yeah, bit of a douche

A note on Stein: He used to teach at UC Santa Cruz and was known/referred/thought of as a fascist. In response, a group of students broke into his classroom and arranged all the desks into the shape of a swastika. He quit in response.

That's... not the best practical joke you could play on a Jewish guy

It could easily be misunderstood is what I mean

Sudan no1
Now all he can do is call his opponents nazis. Guess Ben's still butthurt.

I don't get how all these people are surprised because Ben Stein was on a show with talentless hack Jimmy Kimmel. Guys, being on a quiz show where you prove that you like trivia doesn't make you a smart, nice guy. Come on.

That wasn't that great at all.
Goofy Gorilla
I can't imagine that this is even half as ridiculous as the real movie's going to be.
Experiment: Read Hold Bible. hahahah ohhh Billy.
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