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Desc:no one has headlights like these
Category:Classic TV Clips, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:MTV, real world, kimberly, headlights
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Frank Rizzo
so amazingly stupid.

doesnt hold a candle to "theres a bullet in my jaguar!" or the others...
I worked for the fifty year old version of this woman. I'm proud to say she fired me. Her reason, and I swear this is actually what she put on the paper, that I smelled bad.
In Mississippi, this is apparently a non-actionable reason to fire someone as every lawwyer I talked to basically said, "That's bullshit and she's a bitch. But this is Mississippi."
She had also not paid unemployment insurace.
I think the real reasons behind the firing were 1. she discovered I was an atheist through myspace, and 2. I didn't pray with everyone else on the staff at a training. And I mean the hands in the air, evangelical kinda praying. I wasn't rude about it, I just didn't do it.
You know what? I'm still really pissed about this. Five months later and I'm still angry. Colossal bitch.
You smell so bad they fired you? I don't know I would have admitted that, but hey.

No, she made up a reason for firing me. That was her made-up reason.

This young lady entertains me. I wouldn't be interested in interacting with her face to face, or watching a thirty minute television show devoted to other people's reactions to her. However, this clip by itself made me happy.
Not one whit more annoying than the people who DO make it on the show.

Imagine having to watch and log hundreds of hours of these.
They call it POE TV.

Jeff Fries
More like spotlights
Rodents of Unusual Size
I think that America could learn much from this young lady. Put her on the airwaves...I would like to know more of her deep inner thoughts.
Oh dumb girl, friends like yours are the kind that laugh and talk about your teeth falling out when your not there.
Y'NAO... Stupidest accent ever.
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