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Desc:Contains a brilliant idea on how to come out to your fundie parents. Also, gay issues.
Category:Humor, Religious
Tags:gay, christianity, pat condell
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Comment count is 15

blah blah blah at this point..
Religion is evil! All religion hates gays! Religion isn't understanding or compassionate! Fuck religions!
Ok, we get it guy you don't like christianity.
Poor Excuse
He's not your guy, buddy!

According to Wikipedia, Pat has an IQ of 94.

Hey, Enjoy. If you're going to slander, at least write something semi-verifiable. This does not speak well to your plausibility or intelligence.

In response to AgentOrange's comment:

Granted, but at this point I'm so fed up with the stupid and willfully ignorant that I'm at the point where I'd like to put the in camps. I can't be the only one who feels this way.

This guy needs to do a haters video.
I submit these as a method of separating wheat from chaff, so to speak.
I require a 1:1 or higher cleverness to smugness ratio for all editorial pieces. Sorry, guy who I like to pretend is Yahtzee's dad.
Poor poor pitiable persecuted Christians hate this.

If he did not have that charming accent to back him up I would probably have not made it as far into the video as I have, granted I made it less then half way through.
The act is starting to wear thin. A few more like this and he'll be on the same level as the fundies.

That's a mighty long snout to look down on things through. Then again, this is me talking.

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