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Desc:the use of 'sham' in the name is hilarious since its spelled 'chamois' and not 'shammy'
Tags:idiot, guido, shamwow, chamois, sham
Submitted:Frank Rizzo
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Resubmit:Iron Xides

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Comment count is 25
Uh... it's a commercial. And not a very interesting one.
I voted it up, hoping that some Harmony of the Universe would thus somehow remove this eyesore from the Science Channel.

I'm grasping at straws, but get this fucktard off the air!

Actually, its painfully funny. The joke being: who in the hell thought this was the kind of spokesperson you needed to sell the super-towel?
"I know! We'll get one of those squinty eyed guidos fom the lower east side who deal the sidewalk card games! It'll be brilliant!"
Also: "You know the Germans always make great stuff."
My bad, this version doesn't include the part of the pitch that focuses on German ingenuity. You can see the bold red MADE IN GERMANY! at the end though.

Frank Rizzo
also, blatent bullshit 0:20-0:23

Why would you need a 10 year warranty for a towel?
Rodents of Unusual Size
I for one, am very interested in this warranty. Now, tell me more about your timeshare services.

Wait...you mean to tell me that this is a real commercial for a real product? I thought it HAD to be satire.

who is he talking to on that magic headset? is there a network of shamwowmongers across the globe?
That was all I could think while watching this, what the fuck is with the headset?

As a matter of fact, there is. Sometimes at malls and such you'll see booths with these guys hocking the product. They all wear the same shirt and they all have the same headset.

The guy's on the move... he has to be mobile to help fulfill the needs of those paper towel users that have infested the nation.

I mean, a boom mic on a stick would just slow him down, you know? That, and lapel mics just can't take a good jostle.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Maybe... they pulled him out of the call center to make the advert. Maybe they just thought it looked important and sales-like, akin to Boiler Room or something.

It's so he can have his lines fed to him as he goes.

He is Johnny Knoxville and Moe Szyslak's love-child.

I was going to submit this about a week ago, but I couldn't find the long version. I don't understand why he's so rushed about everything. It's like he's doing us a exhausting favor telling us about this towel.
Aubrey McFate
This shammy is a force of nature


Can we all agree that we would never mock the commercial or the product if they just stuck with Billy Mays? Let that be a lesson to you ad companies.
The sad part is, this product is direct competition for another one of these chamois things that IS sold by Billy Mays. Both of the ads run on the TV station i work for. I'm still waiting for the opportunity to put both ads back-to-back.

Ey! Are you keepin up wit me cam-ra man!
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
I'm thinking the audience doesn't know or care how to spell chamois, and that it's probably artificial anyway.

And what's a ten year towel warranty all about?
The "ten year" warranty sort of things you see on these commercials is a meaningless guarantee to get you to feel confidence in the person selling you the product. The fact is, the product simply will not be made in ten years time - let alone one years time - so the warranty is worthless.

Buyer Beware.

wtf japan
What if I spill my jagerbomb? Will it clean up skanks?
King of Balls
Fuck you. Buy Shamwow.
Vince Offer is a better pitchman than Billy Mays was. He can modulate his voice *and* has multiple hand gestures.
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