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Desc:what the hell was this dumbass lady thinking?
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:idiot, QVC, women, battery fire, Ohms law
Submitted:Frank Rizzo
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Comment count is 23
"Oh, giant sparks and smoke. I'll just leave that plugged in then."
Caminante Nocturno
I'll bet that poncho was highly flammable, too.

Why did they have it plugged in at all??
More undeniable proof that QVC is staffed by idiots

QVC is pretty high end in terms of crap pushing. This is CVN, which is the trickle down shopping network.

Dinky Patterson
Bouncer cables.
Gold plated!

Weak! Why did they have to cut away, it was just getting good!
I think this guy is trying to tell me the best thing about these cables is that they are ten dollars more expensive than other cables.
They're thicker so they can carry much more current before they melt into a flaming puddle and set your studio on fire.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Those definitely make smoke better than the cables I've seen before...here's my credit card number!
I don't know anything about jumper cables other than you connect red to red and black to black or else you make your car explode. Why did she do that? Who told her to? I really hope that this was the direction of the assistant director or something because then she could just blame her total ignorance of SCIENCE!
Dr Dim
red to red, black to frame or engine.

Frank Rizzo
and how is that different from red to red, black to black since black is ground (ie frame)

Dr Dim
It's safer, less chance of a spark igniting gas from the battery. Please feel free to do it your way though.

They're electrically equivalent, but Dr Dim is correct - connecting to the frame is safer.

The banter makes this for me.

"Now have you ever seen something like this before?"


That phone number is now for some sort of financial advisor magazine.
What could they possibly be cutting away to that is better than a hot sulfuric acid geyser?
I like that the cameramen knew exactly what was happening and did nothing.
I'm sure that CVN has a series of notes for the presenter, which, among other things, recommends against saying "Now, you could get a cheaper one of these. , , no problem..." But maybe CVN isn't as sophisticated as QVC in that regard.
I also love how this clip starts out with them talking about a great safety feature.
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