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Desc:well, kinda
Category:Sports, Pets & Animals
Tags:hockey, bear, ice skating
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Comment count is 11
This made me sad in a way. Like the time I went to the circus.
So, I guess 4 stars for amusing evilness.
hey! that bear's in showbusiness! i guess you'd rather leave it eating garbage at the dump.
Yeah. I guess those are the only options for a bear these days.

More like SNOWbusiness!

also that shit is scary, bears on skates. thats the last thing canada needs.

Killer Joe
+2 for taking pokes at the ref.
whats really cruel are those skates... they haven't been modified in any way for his paws. the're probably deformed or something.
I wanna see a hockey game where the ref gives the players treats every time they hit the puck, or their helmet, or as long as they don't try to eat each other. -2 for animal cruelty.
This is pretty disgusting, but I guess it satisfies the evil requirement.
Lol russia.
I can't wait until he's draft ready. He's going to make an unstoppable enforcer for the Sedin line.
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