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Desc:From A Hole In The Head Documentary. A little bloody at start, safe for the rest.
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:Head like a hole, trepaning, soft spot, just put your finger right in that
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i voted this up in the hopper just to ask if any else read that old Crank zine where the guy wrote in to black and decker to ask what bit to use to trepan himself.
also, head like a hole tag.
I was hunched over, hands clasped over my scalp, nearly the entire duration of this clip.

Holy crap holy crap. Evil.
Nice find!
That would have worked if you hadn't stopped me.

I'm amazed that just because the Incans and ancient Egyptians trepanned themselves they think it's because they wished to seek "a higher level of consciousness" and not just to save their lives from epidural hematoma.
don't watch the elephant man video that is linked after it ends.
don't do it.
You know, the hippie idiots drill holes in their heads and survive, while perfectly nice people trip on the steps and die....
At least I learned a new word.
Terrific find.

For those who think the concept of people driving metal shit into their brain is interesting that'd be up for a gory, Lynchian, Russian film loosely dealing with the concept, check out Nails: http://www.amazon.com/Nails-Svyatoslav-Illyasov/dp/B000G5R980/ref= sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1209444509&sr=1-1
Plain insane.
Wow, as fucked up as this is, the procedure was apparently popular thousands of years ago.

"Trepanation is perhaps the oldest surgical procedure for which there is evidence,[2] and in some areas may have been quite widespread. Out of 120 prehistoric skulls found at one burial site in France dated to 6500 BC, 40 had trepanation holes." - Wikipedia

BTW, some horrific depictions of the procedure from the middle ages on Wikipedia.

Yeah... I think... we... know... That's ok. The thing that is fucked up is that they believe because certain cultures that trepanned built pyramids that somehow if you drill a hole into your head you are becoming more psychic.

All. Five. Stars.
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