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Desc:I like how he keeps backing up further to gain more momentum
Category:Pets & Animals, Humor
Tags:Car, sheep, Angry, ram, funny animals
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Way to go dudes!
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Ms. Vonscarlet
What an evil ram! I hope that guy's car insurance covered those damages.
Dinky Patterson
Ramming speed!
I want to see a dodge ram dodge a ram
further: contender for "most aptly-named animal on earth?"

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Caminante Nocturno
That narrator is such a bitch.
Messing with a 200-pound ram is a Baaaaaaah-d idea.

3 stars for the puns, but I couldn't get the video to play, I don't have enough RAM.
Poor Excuse
I completely want to fight a sheep after seeing this video. I may have to live in a rural area in the near future, and I could see buying an evil sheep so that I could have Clouseau vs Kato style fights every time I had to leave the house.

One question though. If they win do they leave you alone or do they keep fucking you up? Trampling is kind of a dealbreaker for me.
Well, it depends on the ram, I suppose. That's something you'll have to discover from your dealer.

Watching this video gave me a headache.
Jimmy Labatt
Minus one for the retarded narrator and sound effects
We had a ram like this at the zoo I work at, he was so goddamn crazy that he took out the reinforced wooden fence that keeps the sheep enclosed at the farm, thankfully, no one was there that day, but goddamn, he was so crazy. 5'd for memories.
So after he wrestled it to the ground, how come he did not follow up with either 1) the sleeper hold or 2) knife to the throat?
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