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Desc:Dental school grad runs on a giant wheel, minus metaphorical pretention
Category:Stunts, Humor
Tags:wheel, hamster, human, cage, eccentric dental school grads
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Comment count is 7
brilliant prank, the little details make it even better. Just one question, why was this on CNN?
Caminante Nocturno
What else are they going to cover?


man, dentists seem to have all the fun
You know how you sometimes just don't feel it? I just don't feel it.
Most of these stars are for the aluminum foil wrapped room
If this he were an arteest, there would probably be some underlying meaning about this being a metaphor for modern society. But no, it's just a "prank". Still, submitted for geekitude (and the bonus foil wrapped room)

A few years ago, a local radio station had a "human hamster" contest to see who could live in an empty store in the mall, in a giant human hamster cage on display to the public, for the longest. The contestants had to eat, sleep, and live there, and they were all in a store-front full of shredded paper. There were little sleeping huts and water bottles on the wall and a hamster wheel to run on. They ate out of bowls full of boring dry foods. They could leave as soon as they got sick of it. I think the winner lived like that for 13 days. I don't remember what he won.

That was way cooler than this.
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