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Desc:Teenagers solving mysteries with a goofy nonhuman sidekick!
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:saturday, scooby doo, bad cartoons, unoriginal, mindless formula
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Caminante Nocturno
These two kids and a giant Swede travel around the world with a marshmallow in order to stare apprehensively at the paranormal.

I think it's just different enough from Scooby-Doo.
Wait..wasn't Shmoo from Lil' Abner? Wtf?
This is the NEW Shmoo. He's going to please you.

But yeah, they basically took a character from Lil Abner and stuck him in a completly separate concept.

I'm guessing this is an example of old skool marketing formula: combine a concept that was successful 10 years ago with a concept that was successful 30 years ago

Cap'n Profan!ty
he's gonna please you, this incredible new shmoo

that's vaguely pornographic.
Rodents of Unusual Size
It is dirty, I'm just not sure how yet.
This has got to set some kind of a record for most misappropriated spinoff. It's like if they randomly did a cartoon where JJ from "Good Times" was a dark and grim Batman-style crimefighter, and it was explicitly JJ, not just Jimmie Walker.
Corman's Inferno
Actually, the worst incarnation of the All-New Schmoo was where he, Fred, and Barney became the Bedrock police force.

what's he-man doing in that spaceship?
My aunt had a cat named Shmoo.

I know, fascinating.
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