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Desc:Mike and the bots watch a time travel movie with a Castleton snob, who rides a 10-speed bike.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Mst3k, Mystery Science Theater 3000, mike nelson, time travel, castleton
Submitted:Jack Cooper
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Damn, I left my keys at the Manchu Wok of the future!
I love the weird relationships that develop between the SoL dwellers and the mads.

This movie was perfect MSTie material, too, and buying the rights for the show made the film break a profit.
The thing I really like is the little intro on the dvd collection where mike nelson talks about how apparently the people from the movie were all big fans of MST3K, and held a party to watch their movie on the show. Supposedly they didnt think that mike and the bots would be so cruel.
Jack Cooper
Link to that opening with Mike:

Rodents of Unusual Size
Yeah and apparently the people who made this thought they made a pretty good movie, too. They had the whole Ed Wood thing going on. They loved what they did, and had passion for it, but in the end, they made Timechasers.
I've been to that mall they walk by in "the future". Just the fact that I know all the places they consider "future" makes this even more lame of a film. One of my most favorite MST3K, next to Master Ninja
Is uh is the mustached company rep the first "funny fat guy" from MadTV? If so, I can't decide whether he made a slightly upward or strictly lateral move.
Testicles of Doom
One of my absolute favorites. Right up there with Prince of Space and Jack Frost.

Aubrey McFate
Michael MedDEAD
Wonko the Sane
I fail o understand the love for this show.
You can knock about seven words off that sentence.

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