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Desc:Maybe this should be MMA Massacres week? This Herrera guy isn't very good at this.
Tags:MMA, UFC, paul herrera, gary goodridge, MMA Massacres Week
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Comment count is 10
Paul Herrera: the Brooklyn Brawler of MMA?
He just basically dies.
The split second where the black guy remembers what MMA stands for and does a complete 180 from tricky hold to elbow armageddon is what makes this.

He died crucified yes.

When life gives you a challenge, run right at it with no thought.
All that training, all those pushups, all those protein shakes, all those early nights and early mornings, all to last 14 seconds longer than I would.
Mike Tyson?!
Hell no, you could have easily ran around screaming for 14 seconds if you were being chased by that guy.

Its hard to run when you're simultaneously soiling your shorts on both sides.

He don't think so good no more, after that.
Big Name Celebrity
I hate watching Gary Goodridge win.
Where's that 2-hit Goodridge/Yvel fight from a couple of years ago? Or that one where he tapped out to a much smaller guy who was just sort of sitting on him? THAT'S entertainment.
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