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Desc:Josh is fed up with Fowl language. What's up with that?
Tags:inspirational, Josh12, sit-down comedy, a short pause to think of more birds
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Comment count is 16
asian hick
how did he escape from the fake cerebro before alkalai lake burst?

rebus the machine walked forest, not phenomena gone the lemons, nonchalantly I missed Bruce with my whim terse.

I understand maybe 60% of what he says.
Dinky Patterson
I think I got 100% the third time I watched. Fa-me-go/Flamingo was the toughest.

It's an unconventional charisma, but it's definitely there.
Frank Rizzo
When I saw this in the hopper I loaded it without really looking at the title and I thought he said "for niggers" and that he wouldnt feature niggers in his videos.

I was so confused at first
It's an old, lame joke, but I gotta give him a pass because I believe he came up with it on his own and he genuinely thinks it's clever.

This guy is like the poster child for the special everything. If you needed a ramp put in front of your house for free just take this guy to the city council and they'd be required to build whatever he asks for.

I didn't watch the video. 5 stars for the poster frame. I fear I'll regret it if I play the video, so I wont.
Thang fo otchin ma idio!
Man, good right to the very end.
He said pee-cock! How delightful!
wtf japan
For a second there, I was pretty sure "falcon" really was a fowl word.
Jeff Fries
He look like a Pixar character and he talks like a furby
Fowl are members of the Galliformes and Anseriformes orders. Several of the birds listed are not fowl. I mean, come on, penguins are Sphenisciformes, everyone knows that.

This guy must be retarded or something.
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