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Desc:only 95 a minute!
Category:Advertisements, Classic Movies
Tags:fred savage, Howie Mandel, little monsters, 1-900-89-MAURICE, misuse of rap
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Comment count is 12
I miss the days when Howie Mandell was a bankable name.

No, not really.

Howie Mandell is still a bankable name!
And you can take THAT to the bank!
*lowers shades*

Caminante Nocturno
I'm gonna take YOU to the bank, Baleen...

... The blood bank.

Big Muddy
I have seen most of his movies, I don't think anyone made a dime off that fucker. He is the quintessence of overexposed lame antifunny spazballery. I don't know what is worse, this un-flimable unfathomable "kids movie" or that distressingly dull-as-shit cartoon of his. No deal fuckface.

Oh, and fuck you to smithereens NBC.

Mike Tyson?!
I will pay an unlimited amount of money to get my number changed to 1-900-89-MAURICE.
please pass the ritalin

that was a really long 2 minutes
Jeff Fries
This and the Look Who's Talking commercial and Saved by the Bell
Caminante Nocturno
Halfway through this my mind started drifting away to unpleasant memories, all of which were remembered with a vividness I'd never experienced without this commercial playing.

This thing is a monster.

I remember the end being really, really creepy. The ultimate monster bad guy kidnapped his little brother, but there was nothing monster-y about him until there was a slow pan to the back of his head: it had been blown off somehow, like a suicide victim.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Fred Savage, I do not miss you.
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