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Desc:There's something unsettling about mario's disembodied head cracking jokes at you
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:Mario, Mario teaches typing, horrible disembodied head, offensive stereotype
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Comment count is 18
Sorry about the pointless bumpers and horrible end credits, this was the only complete version of this...video that I could find.
Caminante Nocturno
The Mario parts are amazing.
Well that was a terrifying experience.
Corman's Inferno
All this talk about how nice your apartment and house is... Is Mario casing the place?
Corman's Inferno
Whoops, meant to say apartment and COMPUTER.

Jeff Fries
I guess this is the shtick that Charles Martinet would do at trade shows while wearing a motion-sensor mask.
Did Mario just make fun of American advertising, what?
Cap'n Profan!ty
Did Mario just subreference "Just a Gigolo?"

Sudan no1
I live off settlement checks from Nintendo after Mariocizing left me paralyzed from the neck town.
See, this is why Mario only speaks in brief exclamations in the games. Once he begins forming sentences, he gets creepy.
To Drinkee? Do I have anything to drinkee? Is Mario asking me if I want to get drunk with him?
Mike Tyson?!
At what point do you see these horrible things?
Mostly Pi
"hey, thatsa nice tv you got-a there... are you-a home around three mosta days? mario, uh, wantsa to hang out; that'sa why he aska. Yeah, that'sa why he aska"

I imagine this entire game was made by a single shut-in in his basement studio apartment over the course of a week.

It required a video camera, a computer, a blue bedsheet, and a working budget of .
jesus fuck, i had the first mario teaches typing as a kid, and it wasn't nearly this scary.

when an eel lunges out and he takes a bite of your snout, that's amore!
also he sounds like pop n fresh when he laughs.

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