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Desc:A crazy shut-in dream exploration game that fluctuates wildly between boring and fucked up.
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:dreams, yume nikki, what the hell japan, level 8: deathrow art zone
Submitted:Hildegard Landstrom
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Comment count is 11
Wait, no it doesn't.
Caminante Nocturno
Was that thing at the end supposed to be a fight?
As a crazy shut-in, I have to say that this game pretty accurately reflects my own dreams. Eerily so.

Also, why does deathrow inmate art level look like something I'd draw???

For further enjoyment, look for the clip containing the ending whrein our hero leaps off a building to his/her death and then jellyfish float onto the screen.
Loses a point because going back and forth on an exit between rooms doesn't make the whole room structure change each time like it does in my dreams (I was rating it on a 6-point scale)
Well, I'm a crazy shut-in and my dreams are more like Super Mario Bros. and Chrono Trigger after a few Game Genie codes.

The graphics in this look a lot like EarthBound at parts (aside- remember Moonside and that one place where you go when the time machine effs up for the first time? Jesus). This also looks like it was made with RPGMaker. Not knocking it or anything, just observing.
It was made with RPGMaker.

I tried to play this game. "Boring" does describe it pretty well.
Doesn't actually look like a fun game, but still, five stars for crazy surrealism.
This reminds me of those games done by the Bart the General people except those games had a more readily identifiable point.
Attempts to make an entire game out of the wierdness that occurs when games glitch and screw up, scaring the shit out of your 10-year-old self. Doesn't succeed.
I love this game.
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