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Desc:Another hypermasculine Reaganite cartoon and possibly the first recorded use of the term 'Xtreme'.
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:80s, horrible cartoons week, why no fire guy
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Caminante Nocturno
Doc Terror and Hacker really got screwed over in the cyborg body department. This is what happens when you let capitalism hold any influence over science.
I had the board game.
No, I don't remember what it involved.
Menudo con queso
I had Max Ray, but until today I had no idea who he was or where he came from.

I remember it involving that Doc Terror stole waterman's suit, so you had no powers and the whole gaming was rolling a die moving around until you got it back =(

cartoon made specificly to sell toys
El Zapatista
"A cartoon made to sell toys" is a redundant statement.

I was about to post an "Oh yeah" but then I couldn't think of a cartoon that doesn't have toys. Touche.

The last season added an irishman and an indian.
That's funny, I don't remember any drinking on this show.

I shouldn't really have tagged this for Horrible Cartoon Week. It was actually quite cool.
I forgot everything about what this was when I was done watching it.
I had the obviously gay water guy.
He was basically like Aquaman on Superfriends. They had to pull out some sea bullshit every week to make him useful, and half the time it had nothing to do with the plot. "Oh, no! That giant mummy is rampaging all over the Sahara! Ace, Jake, you take care of him. Max, um...I think I heard there were some uppity sharks in the Atlantic somewhere. Go get 'em."

And Ace McCloud is basically Hawkeye from MASH.

Possibly the height of 80's toy commercial shamelessness.

Note that they specifically refer to Hacker as Doc Terror's "companion." Dammit, Centurions, they're not evil, they're just lashing out because society isn't ready to accept them.
I loved this cartoons. Look at the fighter-jet robots! They have cross-shaped exhausts! That's NEAT!
I remember these. For overly masculine Reaganite toys they sure had A LOT of holes into which you would thrust their various attachments of gear and weaponry. I'm talkin' like....six? seven? extra orifices.
I had the Doc Terror figure as a kid. I had no idea who he was or what show he was from. I found him in 2 separate pieces in a dingy second hand store. Each piece had a price tag on it, so I put them together and tore off the second tag. I thought I was a genius.

Watching this makes me wonder why they didn't suit up before going down to the surface. Did they have to see the problem with their own eyes before sending the right equipment for the job? It's not like a giant orbiting space station with advanced teleportation technology didn't have a telescope pointed downwards.
Rodents of Unusual Size
That's some manly fusing action going on there.
I loved this show. But "hypermasculine" where you're from that must mean "not sissy", cause I'll bet you grew up watching "My litte Pony."

+1 for MAX RAY
+2 for this being the last time that announcer was ever employed unironically
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