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Desc:England had GI Joe, too. Sort of.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:GI Joe, Saturday Morning Cartoons
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Caminante Nocturno
I think I like Action Force. They're international heroes, and their music sounds like something out of Metal Slug.
Sounds to me like something out of "Team America: World Police" actually...

So this was an English dub of an American cartoon? AWESOME
you know, why rename the cartoon when you don't edit out the red white and blue motif?

I know because Great Britain's flag is pink.

A truly English-specific GI Joe equivalent would be a bunch of guys in mustaches kicking ass, writing poetry, and exploring their sexuality.

The toys would be AWESOME.
They'd only kick ass after enough beer and if Man U lost. It'd still be pretty rad, though. They'd all drive jaguars and live in castles.

My views of England are balanced and realistic.

Instead of having Sergeant Slaughter as their special celebrity team member, Action Force gets The Stig. Fair trade, really.

They wouldn't have had to change the sailor guy a bit.

Also, the PSAs at the end would have featured much tea drinking.

Menudo con queso
Gotta love that GI Joe would change their name at the flash of a few pounds stirling, while Cobra are the only ones with extra-territorial integrity.
So what was their battle cry, and did they have to rerecord all the dialogue?
It was "Full Force!" and yes.

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