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Desc:I can't even imagine having this much compacted crud.
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:wax, disgusting, earwax, forceps, gunk
Submitted:Cap'n Profan!ty
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Comment count is 34
i think i just threw up a little when they got to the black stuff
How is this possible.

Needs a body horror tag.
Must take a year of not washing for this to happen.
There is nothing in the universe as disgusting as the human body.
j lzrd / swift idiot
A long, long time ago in a news story far away...

Someone once observed that humans:

1.) Extrude chains of dead cells from our scalp
2.) Breathe oxygen, one of the most corrosive elements known.
3.) Consume other multicellular life to produce energy

And about six more other aspects of life on Earth that would creep aliens right the fuck out.

For a whole lot of reasons, this video included, humans are probably going to be the scary xenomorphs creeping through the air ducts of a hapless alien civilization's colony ship one day. I only wish we reproduced by ovipositing like wasps.

hahaha yeah because the way humans give birth is so neat and tidy and not really fucking disgusting at all (from an alien's viewpoint)

just watching that was so relieving
Cap'n Profan!ty
that was my reaction, too. "he must hear much better now," also.

Did you jack off to it or what?

fapping on the edge

Yeah, the horror just kind of built up and up but then at the end when that giant wax-plug comes out it felt much like when a particularly tenacious zit finally pops.

I think I'd enjoy doing this job. It's a real pleasure to watch.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Mmmmm. Ear quiche.
And they laugh at me because I regularly swab out my ears. They laughed, but I bet they aren't laughing now.
Protip: They probabally can't hear you laughing.

Supposedly, swabbing can actually cause this to happen, since it pushes more wax in than what it removes.

I swab anyway.

yeah most physicians actually advise against swabbing

j lzrd / swift idiot
How does it just not fall out under it's own gravity? Augh.
I've had an ear plug up so badly I couldn't hear out of it a couple times, and it's not from not washing, either (so shut up). Just happens. Th' doc just used a water-pic-like-thing on it and fixed me right up. I'm glad he didn't use forceps, 'cause it probably would have looked like this.

Getting soap in your ear is part of the problem, according to the nurse. "One more shampoo, and your other ear would have plugged up, too!"
When that big chunk comes loose... my god.
its a little gooey on the edges did you notice?

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
DemoniousX gets his ears cleaned.
King of Balls
Nobody ate this?

In case this video isn't disgusting enough: I have a recurring ear infection that once resulted in needing a procedure like this. When the cold metal tool touched my eardrum, I instantly threw up. Apparently that happens all the time.
Incidentally, certain types of brain damage causing patients to believe that their paralyzed limb is functional (or sometimes that it belongs to someone else) can be temporarily cured in come cases by pouring ice cold water in the opposite ear.

+4 for the video. Totally disgusting yet strangely satisfying.

That's really gross.
Mayberry Pancakes
I was once fiddling with a toothpick. As I sat around I absentmindedly scraped it into my ear. To my confusion it ended up hitting something solid. With mounting horror I sorta felt around with the toothpick and felt a whole block in my ear. I finally loosed a black (yes, black), foul-smelling piece of junk about the size of my thumbnail. I could suddenly hear so much better.

I immediately went out, bought a little earwax scoop, and have been using it religiously ever since.
I too have found a black-as-coal lump of organic.. something in my ear. I now keep the q-tips fully stocked at all times.

I did not need to hear what any of you had to say about this. Mostly you, Pancakes.
well then don't clean your ears out

seriously that can't be just wax. That's like some kind of horrible cocoon.
Fuck me, cleaning out my ears right now.
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