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Desc:I beheld the wretch - the miserable monster whom I had created.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Religious
Tags:Jesus, christianity, horrible cartoons week, mcgee and me, imaginary friends
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Comment count is 17
5 stars for "animation producer: mike joens"
Ahahaha0 seriously, would you want YOUR name tied to this?

This is a very unappealing show. Whenever I see it flipping channels, I make my wife watch it. And it's always the same episode, too.
Rodents of Unusual Size
The kid from 0:26 looks like a younger William H. Macy.

Caminante Nocturno
I think he looks more like Mark Hamill. And McGee looks like the mascot from Cracked Magazine.

Gah, we were always forced to watch this crap when it rained during PE or whatever. Terrible, terrible crap.
Maybe this is projecting but the kid talking to his cartoon and drawing pictures of Jesus all day is probably going to end up a weird adult.
I vaguely remember one episode of this that involved him sneaking into an R movie and being absolutely traumatized for the rest of the episode that he couldn't get those images out of his head. He was seriously having the nightmares of a holocaust survivor.
Yes, and when the kids are in the theater you can see the reflection of the screen is in their 3D glasses. It's a single, never-changing image of a train. My friend and I cracked up at that.

There will be a special plae in hell reserved for James Dobson. Oh yes.

Also, is it me or were the nutty evangelicals of the 1980s more reserved as opposed to the balls-out-foaming-at-the-mouth crazy they are now?

I got a white hot tingling sensation in the back of my head recalling this show.

They used to show us these videos all the time in youth group, back when I was a third grader. I think the little cartoon man was only there to crack one-liners once or twice every episode. Also: Mousetrap.
One of my friends' dad was one of the producers on this show. I have an autographed VHS.

She never caught on that I wasn't actually a fan of the show, but rather of the idea of an autographed VHS copy of the show.
Jeff Fries
Hey, it's that show about the kid who was a much better cartoonist than I was.
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