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Desc:because it's not like playing real instruments at all
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:failure, video game, rock band, musical instruments
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Comment count is 13
wow was he even TRYING???
I'm kind of tired of this joke. It seems like everyone I know has a friend who's a guitarist and was over last night and wasn't good at guitar hero and ISN'T THAT FUNNY.
Well, I play the bass and I'm not very good at Guitar Hero.

I play the bass and am ok at guitar hero. That being said it's a fun way to increase finger agility without shredding the skin off your fingertips and this video is stupid and not funny.

I'm sick of it too. I submitted the video so we could make fun of this pretentious ass-cunt who still thinks that video games are supposed to be exactly like the real things that they simulate.

Boy, he sure is technically proficient at playing terrible music. That was the point of this video, right? Because he spent just as much time wanking about on various instruments as he did getting to the stupid "point" of the video.
Counterpoint: Drummania taught me to play drums. Not very WELL, mind you, but i was TAUGHT.
Yes, although in DrumMania you're actually playing the drums (you're triggering actual sound samples to play), while Rock Band's drumming is really stupid (playing correctly makes a pre-recorded audio track stay turned on) and it's very hard to correct when you get off-time.

Five stars for perfectly capturing why I hate Rock Band/Guitar Hero. It takes just as much effort to be good at Rock Band as it takes to be OK at guitar. So why not pick up an actual guitar and learn it???
This is false.

Yeah this is a retarded statement. GH has essentially 5 frets on 1 string. Also, you don't have to learn things like notes, chords, clefs, scales, tempos, theories like the circle of fifths, all that shit.

Also, it's not as much fun to try having a real guitar battle with your friends when you are loaded at a party. Unless you are Steve Vai at Yngwie Malmsteen's party.

Also nobody thinks that playing Super Mario Bros is going to teach them how to be an expert plumber

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