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Desc:0 was a lot back in 1981.
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:80s, 1981, vcr, Entertainment Tonight
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Mondale's gonna kick some tail!
it's amazing how my parents couldn't understand this technology even back then.
wait..you mean Entertainment Tonight has been on the air since at least 1981??? wow..instant 5 for keeping the Raiders ad at the end
Rewinding and pausing are tomfoolery I tells ya!
Take your folksy, luddite attitudes and hairstyles elsewhere!
I'm sorry...but...did they just cram the entire disc, box and all, inside the machine? I don't own that particular machine/model...but I am 99% sure that was not correct...
No, apparently, the CED worked like that. Inside was a high density vinyl record that was read by a needle just like a regular record. The disc was protected by that sleeve so it wouldn't get scratched since the grooves were much smaller and the data was more compact.

See here for more info...

Man, even a good TV from 1981 looks like a blurry washed out piece of shit. Also: You paid 750 bucks to watch The Jazz Singer???
The top selling video was The Blue Lagoon... Sure that had a lot to do with Brooke Shields' chest.
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