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Desc:Animated 1994 movie about a lion king. Premiered in fine Drug Marts all over the country.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Horror
Tags:ripoff, bad animation, Shameless, unoriginal, Jetlag Productions
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Comment count is 9
This is obviously horrible, but that's not what I'm going to talk about. I'm going to talk about my disappointment with this not being the cartoon about the white lion who helps people that I saw way, way back in the hinterlands of my youth. I seem to recall him getting medicine for a village or some shit? This guy does have the better theme song, though, I think.
You're probably thinking of Kimba the White Lion (also known as Jungle Emperor) which was an anime created by the same guy who made Astro Boy (the Lion King either "took inspiration" from it or "ripped it off" depending on who you ask.) It aired in the US from the mid-60's to late 70's.

Cartoon beard saves the day again.

It's possible, though I would've sworn to the lord jesus almighty that the lion's name was Leo. But you know, it was like -4 or something when I saw it, so I could be mistaken. Awesome!

Actually, his name is Leo in the Japanese version. In the English, his name is Kimba.

That snake changed perspective size rather quickly. He seems to be both bigger than and smaller than Leo.
I remember seeing this video at a supermarket. The logo juxtaposes the words "Lion" and "King" in the title for some reason.
These videos were like the Branscome International ("Ratatoing") of their day. Whenever a major Disney feature was released, there was a similar video knockoff in the drugstore candy aisle...
Goodtimes Entertainment.


The same people that distributed Doom and Total Annihilation? Wow.
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