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almo - 2008-05-16

black people

ztc - 2008-05-16

Come not between the fatty and his chicken wings, crone.

DerangedGoblin - 2008-05-16

She said Wal-Mark... I didn't know anyone actually did that... I thought it was just something racist white people said...

kingarthur - 2008-05-16

It's the Deep South. I was once told to go skraight down tha skreet past tha skrimp shop to find the best skrawberries.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-05-16

Oh, Latarian. You so crazy!

zatojones - 2008-05-16

criminally so

Smellvin - 2008-05-16

I'd just like to say that I was getting my car's yearly state inspection and I saw this on CNN Headline in the waiting room. It made me feel special after having watched it only an hour or so earlier on PoeTV.

TeenerTot - 2008-05-16

Time for a retroactive abortion.

dancingshadow - 2008-05-16

Wow... could this kid work any more stereotypes in to his act ?

fermun - 2008-05-16

The kid is going for a full Grand Theft Auto themed life. He's stolen a car, beat someone up, next he's going to fuck a hooker, kill her and get his money back.

AgentOrange - 2008-05-16

Latrian, you loveable scamp!

jangbones - 2008-05-16

"Bad boy image."

Christ, it's a kid with a mental problem, not a fucking adult acting like a tough guy. Fucking jerkoffs.

Frank Rizzo - 2008-05-16

this worthless nigglet needs to be aborted.

dr_rock - 2008-05-17


jangbones - 2008-05-17

McCain 2008!

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