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Desc:The BBC series introduction.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:the eagles, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams, Journey of the Sorcerer, Arthur Dent
Submitted:Hugo Gorilla
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Comment count is 20
Anyone who rates this less than 5 has no value as a human being. I'm serious, if you down vote this you are human garbage.
-1 for no Mos Def.

+5 stars for Eric Idle instead of Mos Def.

Eric Idle? Are you just making up a cast list in your mind?

Clearly there'll only five British comedy actors alive, and Eric Idle is one of them.

Ah, similar to my theory that there are only 2 black people in England, and both are on Red Dwarf.

One of the most calming things I can watch or hear are the words of this introduction. HHGG is one of the best things ever written and this is arguably the best passage from it. Also, the song is rather perfect.
I love this so much it's sad.
Really. I've considered making it my home page so the first thing I see everyday would be this. I'm not going to do it beause I'm not completely insane, but I considered it.

so, so, so much better than the movie
That song is pure enjoyment.
Reefer Fez
Whenever I read the books, I always hear these voices in my head.

I couldn't even make it through the opening credits of the movie.
When I was a kid PBS played this for a month or so after their usual Saturday night block of Dr. Who and Red Dwarf. It was basically heaven.

Also, the opening song is "Journey of the Sorcerer" by the Eagles, although this is a special arrangement of it by Tim Souster who is a legendary electronic composer in Britain.
When I was 11, I ordered the BBC miniseries on VHS out of a novelty Sci Fi catalog. As soon as I started watching, I was hooked. I read the entire series over the course of middle school.

When I saw the feature film, it was like they had sucked the life force from my bones.
j lzrd / swift idiot
"EncycLEopedia?" Next thing you know these Brits will start pronouncing aluminum "alumineum."

Also, I rented this movie on VHS after reading through the books, at least up to book four of the Trilogy. Don't think I ever got around to reading "Mostly Harmless." Nice stuff.
The only thing of value the Eagles have contributed to society, unless you want to count Joe Walsh's end theme from The Warriors.
What if I want to count Hotel California, Life in the Fast Lane, Take it Easy, Peaceful Easy Feelin', Lyin' Eyes, One of these Nights, Too Many Hands, In the City, Desperado, Tequila Sunrise, Already Gone and Heartache tonight? Without the Eagles where would all the southern rock luvin' hillbillies with a soft spot turn to?

Wait, who doesn't want to count that? I kill that bitch.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Nostalgia factor + British people = 5 stars
Wonko the Sane
5 stars for the nerd rage this brings out in people.

HHGtG has been a radio drama, book, TV series and movie, and they have all been written differently.
If you're referring to the fact that people bitch about the more recent movie, you're being stupid, since the movie a) was written/filmed way more differently than any of the other formats, all of which are pretty similar, and, more importantly, b) was terrible. Except Zooey Deschanel, who I would probably enjoy watching in anything.

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