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Desc:these days, I don't think six large would cut it
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Steve Austin, cyborg, bionic
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Comment count is 11
Nowadays he'd be the 26.1 million dollar man.
No, nowadays the government would cut the funding so they can have more tax cuts. Steve Austin would be a brain in a pickle jar.

Actually he'd still be a little less than 6 million; The guys who actually DO have the technology are not in his HMO network.

Love those 3D graphics. Probably took and entire Cray to render. Love that music. Love those rainbow lens flares.
When did bionics become cybernetics?
SMDM was actually made from a book called CYBORG which I read as a lad

The crash at the beginning is actually real NASA test footage. The pilot survived, and went on to test the first stealth bomber.
and he is of course more machine than man now

For some reason, I completely forgot about this show and was expecting Ted Dibiase. Then I felt foolish.

also: holy crap I didn't even know they had *any* 3D rendering that far back.

5 stars just for the memories. I remember when everyone thought SMDM and The Bionic Woman were gettin' it on!!
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