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Desc:"Wonderful ways to say no" performed by alot of cartoon has beens from the 90's.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Educational
Tags:cartoon, drugs, rescue
Submitted:Rhubarb Syndrome
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Resubmit:doc duodenum
Resubmit:Ms. Vonscarlet

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Comment count is 15
Aubrey McFate
So many memories. Someone needs to find the Bush intro.
Dr. Lobotomy
Did ALF cover Bugs' mouth just so they didn't have to pay a voice actor?
I'd hate to have a trip like that.
If my farts came to life, put on a suit, and argue with cartoons about drug abuse, I'd scream.
I thought cartoons weren't supposed to teach you how to LIE?
I own this on VHS. Yes, I am better than you.
Zhou Fang
Didn't the kid steal beers from his dad's fridge at some point?
Nice. 'Just say no', and no explanation of why you should.
"No explanation?" They clearly explain that pot smoke is alive and wants to conquer the world.
I like the part where they suggest you spit on drug dealers.
Mayberry Pancakes
Seeing cartoon creatures and gaseous drug dealers would make me wanna stop too.
No Exo-Squad??? Points off.
I think the main character sums it up best: "What a nightmare!"
doc duodenum
The resubmit link is obviously the full version (with George and Barbaba Bush intro)
Rape Van Winkle
Why did she have a framed picture of Alf on her dresser?
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