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Desc:Serious BBC reporters discuss EpicNoseGuy, the U.K. Anon who called Scientology a cult
Category:News & Politics, Religious
Tags:Scientology, cult, Anonymous, BBC News, EpicNoseGuy
Submitted:Jimmy The Headless Frog Boy
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Comment count is 12
Hooray for no First Amendment in The UK!!!
I am from America, and I hereby declare Scientology is not a religion, it's a dangerous cult!

The prosecutor has already dropped the case, explaining that no law was broken.

Rodents of Unusual Size
That's great, since the end of this makes it clear that people understand what the rules "actually are".

It's so nice to hear them report the story and not all the other things like American news does. The American version would go something like:
"In England today a man named Epic Nose Guy will be prosecuted for calling Scientology a cult *shuffle papers* Well."
"What a name, huh?"
"Ahahaha, I sure wouldn't go by that in public."
"Aheh. And how about those masks?"
"Yeah... in other news... here's a baby panda!"
Er... 5...

Caminante Nocturno
Another victory for Anonymous, and by extension the human race.
Billy Buttsex
Who knew they would be the next Ghandis? On that note, who knew ENGLISH PEOPLE would be the next Ghandis?

Five stars for A: the BBC guys non-ironically using "Epic Nose Man" as a proper noun, B: the idea that legal precedent could theoretically be set here, and C: the inevitable Law & Order episode that comes out of all of this.
Dinkin Flicka
B: The Epic Nose Guy Clause, or ENGC. ..which would just be another name for the First Amendment. A Better name, if you ask me.

He looks like he's about to lose it when he's saying "Epic Nose Man" but he manages to completely hold it together without so much as a verbal stammer, and for that I must give him 5* forever and ever.

They wouldn't even come out to defend their point of view when the news people came around and referred them to the police instead?

What a bunch of pussies.
I love it for the politeness of the police officer. He shakes hands with the guy after warning him he's probably breaking a law and could be fined.
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