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Desc:A possum climbs out of a man's toilet. He talks to it.
Category:Nature & Places, Humor
Tags:toilet, Australia, possum, What are you doing in my toilet?
Submitted:Dr Dim
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Resubmit:Albuquerque Halsey

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Comment count is 17
Wants no part of this towel:


awwwww.... P.S. Ghoulies
There are three more parts!

There's actually 2:30 minute version where a drunk plumber takes it out in a box. It really rounds off the experience.
The best thing is he wants to charge the guy 0 for doing it.

I'd five star it if he uses a plunger.

First four videos are real. Fifth video is a joke.

Possums are WAY less hideous in Australia. American possums are just about the ugliest creature ever.
You're thinking of an opossum. They're related but different animals.

I was wondering why this thing was so much cuter than the horrible beasts I see splattered on the side of the road at least 2-3 times a day.

Thank you, Portal Of Evil, for enlightening me.

I always assumed the opossum and the possum were the same thing, it's just that someone in the south dropped the o along the way.

Syd Midnight
Opoossums are cute. They're like giant rats with Downs Syndrome. Their reaction to every threat is to cower and hiss and shit themself, or to shit themself and pretend to be dead.

Thats why they're such common roadkill here, playing dead does not work against a goddam, car. But yeah, an opossom beats a possum.. maybe the only time Yank wildlife (marsupial no less) is better than Aussie.

But thats assuming you can deal with a gigantic smelly retarded rat. I personally spend a lot of time releasing them from my Raccoon Hav-a-Hart kill traps, because aww.. Downs..

Hugo Gorilla
In Australia they're possums, in America they're opossums. Both are rat-like, have those big, black stupid eyes and, apparently, get into places they're not supposed to be.
I will listen to your stern lecture, kind Australian man.
Rodents of Unusual Size
My grandmother used to tell me stories of how her neighbors would kill opposums with shovels. I'm guessing they weren't this cute, though.
Syd Midnight
American opossums are cuter. Well, more actively endearingly retarded. Also you have to check out their roadkill corpses closely because sometimes they're crawling with larval young, whose only sin was having a mum who thought "playing possum" would fool a fucking car.
Syd Midnight
Because some smartass rat suggested it, probably.

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