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Desc:'We don't need eight diffrent fun worlds! Just have the robots attack him at once!'
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:mega man, dr. wily, Level Design, Robot Master, Bad Makeup
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Comment count is 26
At first I was gonna mediocre (three star) this, but then I remembered that I, myself, had been trying to make comedy as of late. It's not easy. Especially because not everyone watching this is as high as I am. Really, I know you people think you are all geniuses of comedy, and some of you are, but actually producing, filming, and acting in sketch comedy is not as easy as it might appear. At least they are trying, for crissakes.

That said, this needs better editing and shit, but overall, it's a decent clip from some of the future interweb stars of tomorrow. Or not. I can't recall.
I was expecting to 1 star this given the above explanation.
But it actually has some funny gags.

Torture the Artist
Yeah, I just do the regular kind of liking this video, not the insane grudging fuck-you-people liking that Twitch is doing up there...

I tried to do it in college, but this still gets 3 stars. See "Bro Rape" for an example of good amateur sketch comedy.

I would put this on the same or a slightly higher level than "Bro Rape", actually. If you re-watch "Bro Rape", it too goes on way too long and repeats the same joke about 5 times instead of developing it, almost to a worse degree than this.

At least here we get the impossible Mega Man level montage at the end.

Bro rape didn't pander enough to nerds I guess.

Godard's Drinking Problem
They really thought a lot about this video, but the thoughts didn't reach very far.
Jimmy Labatt
A++ for effort (also: Hamburger Man)
I dunno if it was Twitch's pep talk... but I laughed at few times.

plus... why not a pit that is a little longer than you can jump? That would be cost effective.
Not since they added Rush Jet

j lzrd / swift idiot
Quite enjoyable. I thought Honus Wagner Card Man was quite hellarious.
Garbage Man did happen, in MM4 there was a Dust Man who shot exploding block of garbage at you.
Took the "Why doesn't the villain just do this?" gimmick and took it to its logical conclusion with a few laughs here and there. 4 Stars.
Joke to minute ratio: 0.25
Syd Midnight
That's the tough thing about editing. Nobody likes to put in 2 days work and get told "OK you've got 30 good seconds here".

this was 3 stars until they showed the execution of what Wily wanted to do.
I enjoyed the ending! I'm sorry I don't have any math or more specific observations to go with that.
On the one hand, it's video game humor. But on the other hand, it isn't bad.
I'm throwin' garbage at you, 'cause I'm made of it.
if only for the stuff at the very end
Caminante Nocturno
Capcom was actually willing to apologize.
Highly enjoyable, I agree on the editing party mentioned above.
He should just outsource the robot designs to Japanese children.
Big Muddy
Yeah, I thought about maybe meh heh uh 1/2*'s but...WHAT THE ASSCHRIST PEOPLE!!! Most underrated POETV vid of all. All stars and favorited!

It's 20XX people!
The ending. Dear God, the ending.
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