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Desc:Quite possibly the saddest thing on the Internet.
Tags:furry, con, brokenness, sad
Submitted:Taco Chakra
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Comment count is 30
This is literally too painful to watch. I'm wincing.
j lzrd / swift idiot

You actually hit the play button?

You actually hit the play button. Didn't you.

Meatsack Jones
Some of it was kind of funny. Then I remembered a man in a fur suit was saying it.
That wasn't nearly the saddest thing ever.
Killer Joe
I wonder how Rage would feel with their music being associated with this.
Even his voice sounds fat
That could be a whole lot more pathetic. Instead it's mostly just kinda stupid.
Mike Tyson?!
Ha ha ha, a girl furry. Good one, fat bear.
oh god I want to kill myself
Do all furries look like members of that animatronic band at Chuck E. Cheese?
Be proud of being fat, balding and trapped in a Chuck E. Cheese costume, sweating profusely
Possibly the same guy who was masturbating in the library
"We're all tremendously huge losers....but BE PROUD OF THAT!" These children are NOT our future.
I have an idea for a horror movie now.

i wanted to see the rest where the human troops arrive and beat them up and steal their ipods
Dear furries: Faggytree Castle has fallen. Kill yourselves now to avoid capture. Trust me on this.
Hey guys have you heard of these furrys on the internets? Crazy
My mind refuses to believe this is anything but a joke.
Can we not, at long last, have a final solution to this furry question?
Rodents of Unusual Size
It sounds like he's saying "will you fight fag, claw, and tail".
The camera was so shaky I had to take Dramamine.
AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! god I'm going to hell because I think its kinda cute
Really - any worse than dealing with reality with ridicule? Was actually clever (if creepy)
Wow, a furry manages to seem a little human... then he mentions the sexy fucking animals. Way to go.
So... it's a furry making fun of *other* furries... because they don't choose *normal* animals. I'd argue that's pretty damn close to the saddest thing.
That would be high school students with Down Syndrome making fun of an autistic student for being stupid and awkward. Which I have seen. But the ladder goes all the way up to infinity. RED STAR

i have more respect for zoophiles, at least they blossomed from fur-puberty
Banal Intercourse
I watched the whole boring thing in the vain hope that Shelly Duvall would go running across the stage screaming for her life.
Pie Boy
oh god some of them actually yiffed.

i need to swipe my hippocampus with a magnet; back in a few.
I'm so glad I don't understand the in-joke 'my hotel room has run out of toilet paper'.
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