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Desc:Hold on tight - Yahtzee is reviewing an RPG.
Category:Video Games, Educational
Tags:Oblivion, zero punctuation, Yahtzee
Submitted:Caminante Nocturno
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Comment count is 34
SolRo - 2008-06-04

I bought oblivion when it first came out, and it was totally immersive.

For 15 minutes.

And enjoyable for about 30...45 after adding some cheat mods.

I want my back.
Cleaner82 - 2008-06-04
I do like Oblivion, a lot. Installed about a million mods for it, still play it now and then.

All this of course totally nullifies his opinion and makes him worthless. As a human being.

Spike Jonez - 2008-06-05
Sorry, but Yahtzee's never wrong. We should all know this by now.

Syd Midnight - 2008-06-06
Cleaner82 has the secret.. once you've installed, literally, 100-150 mods, the game takes on a life of its own. I never got around to any of the plot (besides Assassin's Guild), but after a fuckton of mods the game is enjoyable, you just wander around enjoying the insanity. That's not how a game SHOULD be made, but if you still have it, it's worth a shot.

I wonder why the hell they didn't just let fans submit voice clips, how hard can it be to find someone to do a shitty fantasy voice for free.

Lurchi - 2008-06-04
He misses Warcraft.
Monchiles Monchiles - 2008-06-04
I really like Oblivion and thought it was very immersive (Not as immersive for me as Morrowind though). I agree on the scanty number of voice actors and how sometimes characters would totally lose their accents and bust out a canned line.
Stog - 2008-06-04
Any Elder Scrolls game beyond Daggerfall is much improved with modding tools.
Xenocide - 2008-06-04

I only played Oblivion sporadically at a friend's place, but I did have to wonder at the logic of having a stable of three generic voice actors to play 50,000 characters when you've got access to PATRICK FUCKING STEWART and yet you waste him on a character who dies five minutes in.
Shion - 2008-06-04
Probably all the Patrick Stewart they could afford, given you most likely have to pay the guy in platinum bricks and virgins.

TinManic - 2008-06-04
"... dogshit bullet between the eyes." :D
Mad Struggle - 2008-06-04
I approve of his love for the Kinks.
Pillager - 2008-06-04
"soapy tit wanks"

I disagree with his reviews & constant revisions, but he's funny as hell.

glasseye - 2008-06-04
Funny, but I still like oblivion.
Shion - 2008-06-04
I had to go look up "uncanny valley."
theSnake - 2008-06-04

kingarthur - 2008-06-05
Don't feel bad, so do I. I also hang around this site and think Yahtzee is funny despite only ever having bought two video games in my life. Only one of which I bothered to play.

Video games were something I experienced at friend's houses or via my siblings. never that interested.

garcet71283 - 2008-06-04
Admittingly he is right.

Oblivion is a good game...but in terms of immersion, i put it down after a month.

I played Morrowind for almost 6 months straight on the other hand.

And WoW for two years.

And Diablo 2 was my high-school education.
yeahjim - 2008-06-05
Yup, spot on this time. I remember breaking out of prison, seeing the first landscape, and blinking at the incredible detail of the environment while I struggled to comprehend their choice of worlds.

Morrowind is some kind of poisonous jungle surrounding a forbidden wasteland. It was awesome. Why would the sequel take us to a pastoral non-landscape? Boring as hell.

CuteLucca - 2008-06-04
I play the crap out of Oblivion. Love that game, though yes-- the piddly number of VAs is annoying. You'd think they could have brought in all the programmers and art people and janitors and had them read off the piddly lines and save the paid VAs for the main quest characters, but eh. That's pretty much my only complaint for the game. I know you were all eagerly waiting to hear my opinions!!!
ABoyNamedCheese - 2008-06-04
Oblivion is the best RPG of all time....

after you've installed enough fan-made mods.
Babies Ate My Dingo - 2008-06-04
As RPGs go, I thought Oblivion was raw fantastic, with the exception of flexible dialogue and terrain. While terrain does change a bit, it's a lot like going on quests all over, say, Ontario, and looking at the changes in terrain. They're not going to be tremendous.

A whole world, now, that would be impressive. I've got Morrowind on the shelf behind me (acquired after Oblivion) and am looking forward to playing it.

Still, when you get down to immersion, this guy is largely right: the Thief series pummels Oblivion into the ground. (Fucking zombies. No Thief FM I make will EVER have zombies.)
KnowFuture - 2008-06-04
Not just a Kinks song but one of my favorites YAAAAY

also +5 for NERD/NORD

Never played Oblivion but I liked Morrowind a lot...the only thing that bugged me about it was that while yes, it WAS immersive, you were basically being immersed into a world where you'd spend a bunch of fucking time walking from A to B. Then again WOW is like that sometimes and you have to pay for it.
StanleyPain - 2008-06-05
Eh, kind of an old complaint, really. But yeah, it always boggled my mind why this multi-million dollar project couldn't have afforded more voices or how Bethesda honestly thought having hundreds of people, including core characters, with the same voices would be a good idea. Then, to compound that mistake with Shivering Isles where there's only two new voices.

In terms of immersion overall, I disagree with most of this. One of the biggest things anyone can do to improve their experience in Oblivion, in my opinion, is to not use fast travel. The world feels much more like a world when you travel in it using normal means the majority of the time. I also found the game to be more fascinating when I "role played" a little bit, and did things like trying to get regular sleep and meals and changing into normal clothes when I was going to be spending a lot of time in a city, things like that. It's a fun little sandbox if you let it me, even without mods.
StanleyPain - 2008-06-05
err "if you let it be..."

RockBolt - 2008-06-05
The lack of different voices and the random switching mid paragraph of the three voice actors they did have pretty much ruined the Oblivion "experience" for me in the end, even after I sunk a huge amount of time into it. Now I flip though the GTAIV manual and see the 500+ credits for just the incidental voices and I wish I could have all that time back to spend on a game that wasn't so damn lazy

Bisekrankas - 2008-06-05
Im guessing he didnīt get to the assassin mission, which(coupled with the thief missions) made this game for me.

I couldnt agree more on the instant travel part though, well at least on haveing everything visible from the get-go.
Bisekrankas - 2008-06-05
If hes reviewing old games, I sure do hope he gives Planescape: Torment another chance sometime.

It hurts every time when he talks about the great storytelling in Silent Hill 2 and dismisses Planescape. Silent Hill is a childrens picture book when compared to planescape story-wise.

The Great Hippo - 2008-06-05
I never understood his dismissal of Planescape. Is there some sort of explanation out there? No man of an IQ greater than 12 can call Planescape anything short of the greatest piece of video-game fiction ever crafted.

yeahjim - 2008-06-05
On the advice of my geeks, I picked that game up and gave it a try. The dialog and plot are arguably the best in any game, ever. Simply spectacular. Too good for a video game.

However, the gameplay is crap and the background is a hodgepodge of crap I can't differentiate from the other crap, so a lot of what you're doing when you're not unveiling revelations is meandering from annoying battle to annoying battle in a soup of old, overly ambitious graphics.

Cleaner82 - 2009-07-27
Games today are about slogging through horrible storylines to enjoy a game. Games back in the day were about slogging through horrible gameplay mechanics to enjoy a story.

That is the abridged history of gaming. If you're not willing to deal with a little crappiness in some facet of design you need to go read books instead. Come back in two hundred years when wizened artisans who graduated from reputed video game academies are spending decades creating the perfect video game which is then displayed in museums.

zatojones - 2008-06-05
I agree. The game sucked.
chumbucket - 2008-06-06
actually like Oblivion but must 5 star for humor here:

me no speakee retarded
kelpfoot - 2008-06-09
Oblivion is an RPG made by autistic people.
Hooper_X - 2009-05-31
You say that like there are RPGs made by non-autistic people.

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