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dr_rock - 2008-06-11

98% human.

Hooper_X - 2008-06-11

Something pretty similar happened at the TV station I used to work at, except that chimp honest-to-god started throwing his shit at people. It wasn't on camera, but the weather guy had to try and explain the cold front moving through the area as well as why he couldn't stop laughing.

(It is one of my deepest regrets that I failed to smuggle out a copy of the station's blooper reel when I left; our news director refused to sell footage to WACKIEST TV BLOOPERS EVAR and shows of that type because she didn't want to damage the station's reputation for responsibility and quality - and some of the shit I saw totally would have.)

egglab - 2008-06-11

someone give that monkey a news show.

fermun - 2008-06-11

If local news had a chimpanzee fucking shit up for the anchor every night, I'd watch it.

Camonk - 2008-06-11

That monkey is way more entertaining than O'Reilly.

longwinded - 2008-06-14

now it's time to slap the desk
now it's time to take away the script
now it's time to slap the desk
now it's time to kick the teleprompter
now it's time to jump around

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