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Category:Pets & Animals, Humor
Tags:dog, fire
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Comment count is 16
GusPlease - 2008-06-08
Now that's what I call a
Albuquerque Halsey - 2008-06-09
I see what you did th

Frank Rizzo - 2008-06-08
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anvill - 2008-06-08
I like the related videos that youtube gives. Four of the first five are videos about dogs and fires. The fifth is "Fat Man Eats 5 Double Cheese Burgers."

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2009-10-08
Never highlight the fifth "Related Video" for anything on youtube; it will always confuse the everloving shit out of you what it turns out to be.

delicatessen - 2008-06-09
Dog seems to momentarily turn off the forces of gravity.
Keefu - 2008-06-09
Ear mites
Camonk - 2008-06-09
That dog's not retarded. He's clearly awesome.

Or he's got earmites, in which case this video is horrible abuse.
fluffy - 2008-06-09
Who is more retarded, the dog who clearly knows how to avoid injury while having the time of his life, or the humans who just point and laugh?
Syd Midnight - 2008-06-10
Fire is the single most powerful tool we humans have ever invented. It allows us mastery of nature. It makes us supreme over all other life. And this little dog is all "FUCK YOU, FIRE!"

If wolves had ever been this crazy brave we'd be extinct.

SecretJunk - 2008-06-09
Camera guy should really cut down on his daily cigarette intake
RockBolt - 2008-06-09
I bet that smells nice
Cube - 2008-06-09
This is a YouTube-video? I could be confusing this with another video, but when I tried to view this in the Hopper, it was on a page that had a banner ad for artificial vaginas and tried to open 3 pop-up windows.

PLEASE if you submit a video, always go to the original source (YouTube etc.), don't submit a random page with the video embedded. People have a nasty habit of replacing site content with goatse when they spot increased traffic.

futurebot - 2008-06-09
Chet or someone appears to have cleverly replaced the original link, which I didn't realize had all of the NSFW nonsense until your negative vote. Which forced me to ask WHY WOULD ANYONE POSSIBLY VOTE THIS DOWN.

Cube - 2008-06-09
Heh, then it's good I took the time to explain. It's annoying when there's a really good reason to vote against something (like a dupe), but there's no way to tell about it until the video gets activated.

The video itself I like!

La Loco - 2009-02-08
Who wants a hotdog?
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