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Desc:A rap to the tune of the bgm of super mario rpg
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:nostalgia, super mario rpg, forest maze, geno
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Comment count is 10
Jeff Fries
Shorter, weirder:

Aubrey McFate
Jeff. Honestly. You're the constant PoeTV critic, and you give this shit five?

Jeff Fries
Thank you for the recognition, but I'm really just piggybacking here.

Aubrey McFate
It just seemed so out of character, I had to mention it.

Louis Armstrong
damn ear worms.
"There are many secrets in this game /
Many of which drive some peeps insane /
Why we try to cheat in a really good game
Just sounds like crap and it makes you look lame"

Great literature always teaches us something about the human condition. I mean, think about it: why DO we try to cheat in a really good game?
Goddammit, hurry up and get this on Virtual Console already, Nintendo!
Well, it is available in Japan on VC so a release in the states can't be that far away..unless its one of those exclusive to Japan things.
A Jumping Spider!
How can you make a tribute to SMRPG and not include a reference to that god damn cake?
-3 stars for low volume.
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