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Desc:I challenge you to make any sense of this.
Category:Video Games, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:ps2, engrish, bad voice acting, castle shikigami 2, GUMP
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Comment count is 23
CornOnTheCabre - 2008-06-13
Okay, so like, the girl in the ski jacket with the kitten is attacking a castle, but also likes boys, but then a witch showed up, and they flied to shoot lazers, where they were confused for the lost gump, when in fact they wereMISSION FAILED
zatojones - 2008-06-13
One day Japan took and English class and they failed.
fetuschrist - 2008-06-13
they forgot to use their feet.

freedoom - 2008-06-13
I don't know why the Japanese insist on putting stories in a vertical shooter. it makes for a good time when they dub it though.
Cleaner82 - 2008-06-13
Oh my god, this is beautiful. I imagine these poor idiot voice actors just gritting their teeth and forcing their way through the lines.
takewithfood - 2008-06-13
How is babby formed?
Ryo-Cokey - 2008-06-13
It's so bad, the voice actors misread some of the lines in an attempt to make them somewhat approach sense.

Side note: Excellent shooter, though.
Mayberry Pancakes - 2008-07-02
I wish they hadn't. If you're handed something this gloriously terrible you should forget about making sense and to play it for all it's worth.

That was the most emotional farewell scene I've ever witnessed.

Adramelech - 2008-06-13
This is basically every part of a vertical shooter that doesn't involve shooting.
Udderdude - 2008-06-13
Obviously, if you beat the game on one life, you'll unlock the super secret non-terrible voice acting.
GusPlease - 2008-06-13
DK1987 - 2008-06-13
I own this game and it was the best I've spent in my life, the manual is hilarious too. And whenever some japanophile asks me what my favorite anime character is I just say the main dude from this since it's the only one I know.
Caminante Nocturno - 2008-06-13
Yeah, I'll bet anime fans are just lining around the block to spend time with YOU.

DK1987 - 2008-06-13
they do because they know I have this game

Caminante Nocturno - 2008-06-13
The thing is that the dialog probably made absolutely no sense in the original Japanese, either. There was probably some well-meaning Japanese distributor who translated this in hopes that it would make more sense in English.

My favorite part of this game would be the two screaming guys who appear at 3:06. With the characters I chose, they yelled about being SO SAD!!! over and over. It made for a good week's worth of quoting.
Camonk - 2008-06-13
Man, so that's the difference between SPEND and SEND. I always mess that one up, too.
FABIO2 - 2008-06-13
This is one strobe light and reverse audio away from being the last Twin Peaks episode.
revdrew - 2008-06-13
Rudy - 2008-06-14
Heh heh
Pie Boy - 2008-07-16
You're just World Order. You won't win.

also: localizing this and not mother 3 :(
Harveyjames - 2008-08-27
The voice acting isn't so bad, considering what they had to work with.
Harveyjames - 2009-03-04
Although, I lost my shit every time they made reference to 'Gump'

fluffy - 2010-12-08
Have I had a stroke? Is this aphasia?
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