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Desc:Long, but skip to around 13:45 for the really good stuff.
Category:General Station
Tags:threat, Anonymous, goronchev, butthurt, intellectual checkmate
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Comment count is 24
The Great Hippo
When this manchild grows up and tries to get a real job, I hope his interviewer recognizes him.

"Hey, wait! I saw you on youtube! Ha ha, INTELLECTUAL CHECKMATE!"

And everything goes wonderfully downhill from there.
The Great Hippo
Let me also add that I'm loving the fact that this generation has yet to grasp that what goes on the internet stays on the internet and will remain on the internet for most of your adult life.

I am *so* looking forward to the well-deserved misery a decade down the road that will come about from employers and would-be spouses looking these people's names up and finding their videos and web-pages.

I know it's in bad form to five star your own video, but around 13:45 really is golden.
Rodents of Unusual Size
11:02 "Just because I obsessed and fantasized repeatedly about gay encounters at Hollywood (the video store and not the town) and my man muscles, which as you can see are enormous, does not make me gay."

Santa comment, later on. Bodybuilding comment after that.

He gets progressively delusional with everything he posts. And then there's the hat.
Dinky Patterson
And then there's the hat....

and that nasty gold chain!

Monchiles Monchiles
Is he doing his voice like that on purpose to make fun of Anonymous's computer generated voice videos? Or has Anonymous's harassment given him autism?
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Well I'm jealous. All of my Goronchev videos got shot down in the hopper and I began to assume PoeTV was getting soft.
So sad. You can tell he's really frightened of all those empty threats, and has given serious thought to what would happen if a nerd were to break into his house with murder on his mind.
So what the fuck exactly qualifies Gorochev for Director status on YouTube? It's like they basically just let ANYONE make fucking 20 minute videos now.

Also, if you're reading this Goronchev, please realize: you've been letting anonymous pull your fucking strings for so long that you lost whatever weird little contest that was going on in your head with them.

Rodents of Unusual Size
You know, I like to think that the people at Youtube gave it to him because they get just as much a kick out of these as we do.

Oh god, the "intellectual checkmate" is easily worth over 16 minutes of droning.
Jeff Fries
Is he a Scientologist? He has their Black Knight syndrome.
That sounds like a band name.

"I'm like a bad case of herpes"
The nerd chirping voice is what makes every goronchev video for me, and it's in top form in this one.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Sad. As 'anon' would say:


And what the fuck was that thing with the girl at the end? Creepy.
Frank Rizzo
it was fucking awesome is what it was.


King of Balls
I don't like those odds…

Fisting isn't allowed on national T.V.
-2 stars for not wearing the hat in the background.
Pie Boy
Jesus Christ, stop saying bad seeds.
awesome, awesome to the max.
What is he looking at?
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