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King of Balls - 2008-06-12


Wait, this is about beer?

Aernaroth2 - 2008-06-12

I didn't know beer used whale by-products in it.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-06-12


That had more twists than I care to count. Wow. WOW. STOP THAT AUSTRALIA. I liked you better when you bragged about Fosters having a Bowie "This is a knoife" knife compared to everyone else's beer having mere switchblades.

Postureduck - 2008-06-12

To be fair, racist is redundant whenever anything Australian comes up.

Camonk - 2008-06-13

I'm surprised there's not a swing at Aborigines in there, too. It's almost a minute long; come on Australia, you could fit it in.

bias - 2008-06-12

uhh i'm feeling slightly dull today, can someone explain the racism for me here? Ill pretty much take your word for it because its from Australia, but im not seeing it.

RandomFerret - 2008-06-13

Blue Tongue's rival company is owned in part by the Kirin beer company in Japan. The Japanese hunt whales. 'Whale-Safe Beer' actually means 'No nips.'

RomancingTrain - 2008-06-13

That's more nationalistic than racist.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-06-13

Yes, because the Japanese are a nation, not a race.
Also, Jews aren't a race either; they're a religion.

Let's get this tennis ball a-GOING!

chairsforcheap - 2008-06-12


Hooker - 2008-06-12

DRINK THE WHALE! Whale Beer(TM) (or whatever)

TeenerTot - 2008-06-13

Ride the walrus!

bacon-swiss - 2008-06-12

Whale safe beer is now my number one concern in life.

Keefu - 2008-06-13

Oh man, that was as crazy as a March Hare. I have no idea what whales have to do with beer either.

Keefu - 2008-06-13

Also, christ, the youtube comments are an amazing gallery of "Japan vs Australia" bitch-fights.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-06-13

Ohh hoo hoo hooooo~, delving into the cesspool of youtube comments is going to be more fun than this video was.

Camonk - 2008-06-13

The best thing is that in a fight between Japan and Australia, it's really a spectators-win sort of scenario. Two crazy racist island nations all slapping each other with their freshly-caught fish.

King of Balls - 2008-06-13

I guess I'll go with Australia. Inbred penal colonist bigots are marginally > the people responsible for Pokemon.

TinManic - 2008-06-13

I don't really see any racism here. The Japanese whale, if you care a lot about whales you might boycott Japanese products such as Kirin beer. There's nothing wrong with a company taking advantage of this sentiment to leverage their project.

Hooker - 2008-06-13

If it has slant-eyes or blackies in it, it's racist.

Cena_mark - 2008-06-13

1. Not racist. Totally not racist. Or is representing Japanese people in a any way racist.
2. It might seem cute to support causes like saving the whales, but really whales are dreadful creatures that smell.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-06-13

Anything to stop the fermentation of whales is a cause I will support.

afp3683 - 2008-06-13

I would drink whale beer.

Blaise - 2008-06-13

Seems more anti-whaling than anti-Japanese.

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