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Desc:use them as dominos
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:dominos, fruits of non-productive time, hard drive
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Comment count is 16
Cute idea, somewhat lackluster results.
-1 for shenanigans at :22
Giant house on the waterfront = rich motherfucker.

-2 for meh.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
God damn what a house. I was expecting to see a float plane tied at the dock.

j lzrd / swift idiot
"Fruits of Non Productive Time"?

Seems like after they lined up the harddrives out on the deck, they FINALLY REALIZED THEY HAD TOO FUCKING MANY. So hey, just make a short multiple-branch.

Usually, domino videos are an auto-five, just because of the setup time (Thanks Chris, Ian, Pat, Heather L), but this gets -1 for those nerds living in a nicer house than I do.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Sorry, there should be a dash between "Non" and "Productive" to get it to link to the other videos.

Holy shit, I fucking love that sound.
Enjoy cleaning up all those hard drives, there, Richie Rich.
-2 for dumping crap in the water, litter bug.
I never realized modding was so lucrative.
I really hope this is like a nerd commune or something because otherwise I may have to rethink my life path.
Jesus, domino videos should be a 5, but this is boring. My first reaction to your domino video shouldn't be "he doesn't look like he needs all of that living space."
this person clearly does not understand how hard drives work. he has all of the components he needs for a working time machine. also screw this rich mother fucker for having such a huge house on a god damned lake.
i like how the first credit goes to "sexy domino starter" Heather L
This would only be more impressive if every one was loaded with pr0n.
Assuming those were 20GB drives, that was 30TB of storage.
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