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Mordant - 2008-06-16

fef ffe fe fffe fi seven feh fe feheh games...

Caminante Nocturno - 2008-06-16

My brother-in-law saw a picture of Aeris when FF7 first came out, and told me that he thought she looked like Olive Oyle.

I wasn't able to stop laughing at that for a couple of hours.

Xenocide - 2008-06-16


"I'll saves ya, Olive!"

Just then, Bluto flew down from the ceiling and gutted Olive like a fish.

Nikon - 2009-02-20

... How?

Brautwurst_Barbarian - 2008-06-16

Oh god, the comments:

"Yeeesh...so many errors...so Little time...

First of all, her name is Aerith. Peroid. End of discussion. Second, Aerith doesn't meet Cloud/Zack by ACCIDENT. It was arranged by the power of Holy and the liveblood of the planet. You obv. missed out on a lot if you think that some of the events just happened "by accident" because , trust me little girl, there IS no accidents...

If I had more space, I'd point out some of the other massive flaws. Mayhap you should play something a little simpler?"

This person has a fulfilling life.

coprolalia - 2008-06-16

She's one of those precious little fandom flowers that shuts out everything that isn't a big sticky hug.

The video where she shows her face and goes "I'm so ugly (TELL ME HOW NOT UGLY I AM!)" is still languishing in the hopper, people.

Nixoleon - 2008-06-16

Looks like she took down the UGLY/NOT UGLY video.

coprolalia - 2008-06-16

Aha. No, she only disabled embedding.
Nice catch.

GusPlease - 2008-06-16

That's a comment by the account 15SilverPoints, who you might recognize from his trolling in the comments of the ironic Chris Benoit tribute (also here on POE). So that's not a sincere appraisal.

King of Balls - 2008-06-16

Jesus, nine fucking minutes of this…

Princess v2.1 - 2008-06-16

Insane fangirl drivel. 5 STARS.

Keefu - 2008-06-16

I always preferred Yuffie anyway

halon - 2008-06-17

I thought this was a Caminate post at first

frau_eva - 2008-06-17

Apparently, having big boobs=slutty.

That's as far as I got before my eyes rolled back into my head. Jesus, this thing is how long?

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