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Desc:Screw it I'm jumping in
Category:Nature & Places, Pets & Animals
Tags:Puppy, dogs, snoring, parental care
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Comment count is 14
I had no idea what was going on in the preview pic, I thought it was Victor Buono as King Tut.

Absolutely nothing happened, and I LOVE it.
j lzrd / swift idiot

"You seem fine... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
Bulldog puppies don't look like Churchill at ALL
Adorable scrunch-faced lumps.
The McWrinkle family.
I know that bulldogs snuffle and snore because they've been so overbread that they have fucked up sinuses... but I still think their snuffling and snoring are adorable.

PS: That puppy obviously has earmites.
whatevs. so are we, and it doesnt make babies any less adorable. FIVE BILLION.

Hay Belly
What's the difference between purposely breeding them like that or taping their nostrils 3/4 shut and taking a baseball bat to their legs? None. It's cruel and barbaric either way.

ps No sand in vagina, only truth and empathy.

a flaming monkey
What an attentive mother!!!
I'll be right back. I have to clean the portion of my brain that manages cuteness from off the walls.
Really? This is entertaining? Because if it is, I have a rug you can watch that doesn't do anything either.
point me towards it so I can SHIT ON IT

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