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Desc:Story done by 60 Minutes. This is pretty frightening.
Category:Religious, Horror
Tags:Scientology, can, cult, Evil, smear
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 13
6:50 is just... wow.
Wait until you get to part 2: sabotaging non-profit puppy and kitty shelters =(

I thought you were kidding about that animal shelter thing. Holy crap.

4:45-6:50 -
I see the CoS subscribes to the George W. Bush school of public relations: Deny, deny, deny. If it's true, deny it; if it's a matter of public record, deny it; if there's a fucking video tape of you doing it, deny it.
Yeah, that's pretty disturbing.
Louis Armstrong
We don't hire private detectives to dig up dirt! thats what our children/slaves are for.
Wow. I've never really paid much attention to scientology and all the controversy. I guess I really should, this is scary.
Dinky Patterson
Diabolic masters of attrition.
Kim 500 milyar istemezki'de Recep Ivedik yarısırken telefon jokerini kullanıp bu Keko'yu aramıstı, cevap şıklarından biriside Mehmet Ali Atıf'dı. Nerden nereye ya =)
Princess v2.1
Praise Xenu
Jimmy Labatt
You'd think with all the money that the church of scientology has, they'd be able to hire/manufacture someone who could handle themselves in front of a camera and who would at least do a PASSABLE job of trying to spin their bullshit. These guys aren't even trying.

Everytime I see one of these douchebags on TV they act like autistic five year olds.

Aubrey McFate
No, see, their whole belief system is built around making people like that - their version of "cured". They can't conduct themselves on camera for the same reason that a hardline evangelical can't deny that God is punishing gays with AIDS.

Belated five stars of hate.
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